Instantly Relevant Search Solutions For Your Business

Our engineering team has more than 15 years experience in building and supporting large scale search-oriented Big Data solutions and services for customers in Baltics, Europe, South Africa and United Kingdom. We provide technical support and professional services for a range of enterprise search driven products, among them Lursoft's SIETS.NET search engine, Clusterpoint's NoSQL DBMS, Clusterpark's GOL product, Ugunssiena's NTSS (Network Traffic Surveillance System), business directories, e-commerce systems, municipal and government e-services portals. Our search solutions enable easy free natural language use in your online services, so that your customers can get the most relevant context extracted from Big data in a fraction of a second and always upfront. Hence the name of our company: ContextPrime.

GOL: GDPR Online Ledger

GDPR Online Ledger Platform For Digital Privacy Log

High-performance GDPR online log data collection, search & visual analytics application software, scalable in commodity hardware clusters

€ 999,- GOL Server (ISO-image), a preconfigured GDPR data ready virtual-machine

Includes enterprise-wide licence, 30-days money back guarantee, free setup, Web Admin GUI and API manual

CRAWLER: Internet And Intranet Search Platform

All your relevant information into instantly searchable database

Based on unique crawler and search engine technology developed by company founders and first used in SIETS.NET product, Contextprime offers the new version of this powerful solution in 2018. The new CRAWLER'2018 platform enables to crawl Internet and Intranet resources in fully automated way, with little or no human efforts, creating search indexes for various vertical industry needs or from files and documents found in the corporate intranet network.

High-performance GDPR online log data collection, search & visual analytics application software, scalable in commodity hardware clusters



Call for a price quote: a preconfigured virtual-machine ISO-image or a custom setup

Includes enterprise-wide licence, professional setup, Web Admin GUI

NTSS: Network Traffic Surveillance System

A CCTV-system for your computer networks

Contextprime SIA is a certified reseller of Ugunssiena's NTSS, the Internet data traffic recording and archiving system, which captures all IP packets, re-engineers relevant traffic back to the application content, and archives it into database creating a full-text search index. It collects and stores the entire traffic content along its meta data, indexes it for instantaneuous search and for later security analytics.

Think about Network Traffic Security System (NTSS) for your digital network as a CCTV-surveillance system for your house. CCTV system does not protect your house against physical break-in, but it deters criminals making them to avoid your property.

Company owners, top managers or corporate security officiers need only a basic ICT knowledge to work with NTSS web GUI, without the need for expert assistance. That enables to keep sensitive information about in close circle of authorized people.

Ugunssiena NTSS Enterprise



Call for a price quote: a preconfigured virtual-machine ISO-image or a custom setup

Includes enterprise-wide licence, professional setup, Web Admin GUI

Key our software benefits for GDPR users:

Tired of complex and overpriced GDPR tools? Enjoy the best price/performance of GDPR data management platform software that can use inexpensive hardware or cloud virtual machines!

GDRP log data analysis software provides best price performance even on commodity hardware

Analyze, search and monitor GDPR compliant privacy log data through interactive, touch-screen enabled, intuitive visual graphs!

GDPR log data analysis software provides interactive monitoring through interactive visual graphs

Save your time with sub-second search and query latency in billions of GDPR log data records using just natural language queries!

GDRP log data analysis software provides sub-second search for events in log data records

Save your money with inexpensive rack & stack scalability, replication and fault-tolerance for operating mission-critical enterprise GDPR solutions!

GDPR log data analysis software provides scalability, replication and fault-tolerance

Store and exchange your GDPR privacy log data for long time in cross-platform, interoperable, open industry standard XML data!

GDPR log data analysis software stores, imports and exports log data in the industry standard XML data format

Supercharge your GDPR log data and privacy compliance reporting with fast full-text search and textual analysis features for your unstructured log and audit data records (eg use stemming in people names, phrases in addresses, search for patterns in identification numbers, search for capitalized names only etc)

GDPR log data analysis software features fast google-like search of log events

Adjust your recorded GDPR log database for your own relevancy priorities and custom application needs using ranking tools of the bundled enterprise search technology!

Mine all GDPR privacy log data for relevance with enterprise search platform ranking tools

Technical support for SIETS.NET and Clusterpoint DBMS

We care about our customers using products created by our team since 2001

Our team is providing technical support services to existing customers of SIETS.NET and Clusterpoint DBMS software platforms.

For customers of above software platforms we provide professional consulting and onboarding services, that include:

Among our team's Big data customers:

Telia as Contextprime customer
Scandinavian Telecommunications Powerhouse

€ 9.5 billion revenue company

Century Link as a Contextprime partner
American Telecommunications and Data Services Company

$ 17.5 billion revenue company

Lattelecom as a Contextprime customer
Baltics Tellecommunications and ICT Services Company

€ 193 million revenue company

Heise Media Group companies as a Contextprime customer
German Advertising Powerhouse with pan-European operations

€ 125 million revenue company

Latvijas Dzelzcels as Contextprime customer
Automotive, Logistics and Transportation in EU & Asia

€ 192 million revenue company

Latvian Shipping Company as a Contextprime customer
A global maritime shipping company operating a fleet of oil tankers

€ 100 million revenue company

E-Latvija as a Contextprime customer
Central Government E-services portal with 3000 digital public services

6 million services annually, 1 million users

Riga City Municipality as a Contextprime customer
Riga City Municipality Tax Collection & Citizen Public E-services

€ 865 million budget / tax revenue

State Procurement Monitoring Office as Contextprime Customer
State Procurement Monitoring Office organizing public tendering by law

€ 1.8 billion procurements annually

Zoomcharts as a Contextprime Customer
Interactive data Visualization company with a browser-only HTML5 SDK kit

Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics

TVNET as a Contextprime Customer
One of two largest national news and entertainment portals

News and Media

What customers say about our software:

Enterprise Content Management And Cloud Services

Elastec Technology Solutions Pty Ltd

"The response times from your platform are game changing; I don't ever envision myself using relational database again. Your software is still the best NoSQL platform on the market."

Andrew Page, CEO, Elastic Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Professional Web Development

We did this

"We are passionate about technology but we will never recommend You to put bells and whistles on Your page only because we can. We will recommend simplicity. We use your platform in a number of our social applications and encourage others to do so, too."

Valts Katlaps, CEO, "Think about IT"

Digital Advertising And E-commerce

Latvijas Talrunis zalas lapas

"We are selling ranking in all our business directories. Your platform unique data ranking tools enables us to stay ahead of global competitors and be the market leader in the local search. Your software also outperformed our legacy Oracle SQL database and Search solutions 1000s of times."

Andrejs Drengeris, CTO, Latvijas Talrunis, Heise Media Group

Government E-services

Iepirkumu Uzraudzibas Birojs

"We consolidated 40 different MySQL databases into a single operational XML data store, now running all public tendering and procurement documents digitally by the law. Visitors can enjoy instantly searchable e-services and interactive data visualization showing key statistics live from one single online XML data store."

Martins Gailitis, Director of IT Department, State Procurement Monitoring Office

Business Information Services

"Your software technology flawlessly drives all our back-end and front-end applications for online subscription services delivering credit-information on all national companies since 2009, including user management, micro-payments and credit-card transactions."

Juris Rozkalns, CEO,

Professional Cybersecurity Services

Ugunssiena IT

"Your Big data processing platform enabled us to capture, re-engineer, store and index for instant search all network traffic (emails, web pages, chat, images, video etc) going through our router/firewall appliance. Your software enabled us to accomplish it on a single hardware, then scale efficiently rack & stack way to the most demanding corporate workloads. Without your software our Network Traffic Security System would not exist!"

Karlis Hirsfelds, CEO, Ugunssiena IT

Integrated Solutions For Document Management

RIX Technologies

"We found your language-driven Big data computing platform can perfectly complement our document management product when our relational SQL databases started to struggle encountering Big Data volumes."

Eva Butane, CEO, RIX Technologies