Contextprime is a privately owned European software technology company founded by the team of experienced software engineers and technology business entrepreneurs.

Contextprime is a an enterprise search technology company, but we also specialize into cybersecurity and privacy data protection technology, working together with industry partners who developed a range of solutions for this industry sector.


Girts Palejs

Chief Executive Officer

Girts worked for 9 years in Clusterpoint as Administrative director and Cybersecurity Products director;

Prior to that he worked in Telia for 5 years managing customer relations and technical support team;

Girts holds a Master Degree from University of Latvia in Physics.

Oskars Viksna

Chief Technology Officer

Since 2006 Oskars for 11 years worked as Head of Software Development in Clusterpoint;

Prior to that he worked for 5 years Lursoft from 2001, and 3 years in Exigen from 1998;

Oskars holds a Master Degree from University of Latvia in Computer Science.

Janis Sermulins

Software Architect

Janis worked for 4 years as software architect in Clusterpoint;

Prior to that he worked 5 years in Google (Zurich, Swiss);

Before that he worked 2 years in Intel Research (USA);

Janis is MIT (USA) alumni;

He is also IOI 2x Gold medallist.

Martins Krikis

Algorithms Architect

Martins worked for 3 years as algorithms architect in Clusterpoint;

Prior to that he worked for 4 years in Intel (USA);

Before that he worked for 4 years in Tieto;

Martins holds PhD from Yale University; Lecturer on Algorithms.

Jurgis Orups

Web Search Architect

In 2006 Jurgis co-founded Clusterpoint and worked as CTO until 2017;

Prior to that he spent 6 years managing a team for internet crawling and search technology in Lursoft.

Jurgis has an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Latvia.

Gints Ernestsons

Visionary, Executive Director

Gints co-founded and for 11 years held CEO and Board roles in Clusterpoint;

He co-founded Lursoft in 1992 and for 15 years worked as CTO;

Creator of Latvian Web search portal and technology in 2001;

Gints has formal education in Physics and Mathematics from University of Latvia.


We proudly present an exciting new cybersecurity and corporate data governance product - GDPR ONLINE LEDGER (GOL) software platform.

GDPR ONLINE LEDGER is our most recent product, developed in partnership with Clusterpark SIA, for making easy for our customers to implement European GDPR Directive. GOL works as a real-time online data collection, search, analytics and reporting software platform. It enables our customers to use a simple REST API call for corporate-wide GDPR related privacy data usage loggging, auditing, analysis and reporting, that can be easily implemented throughout all our customer online services and existing applications.

GOL Server is a turn-key, ready-to-download as a virtual machine software ISO-imaged, GDPR data logging, search and reporting software platform for customer online Big Data services. It provides centralized corporate-wide platform for real-time acquisition, storage, indexing, analysis and search of GDPR log and audit records. The platform is based on easy to integrate REST API to perform GDPR data collection from virtually any other existing environments and legacy applications that nearly universally support REST and web services today.

The platform was engineered with massively scalable document-oriented industry standard XML database for data and reporting portability to end-users and authorities that GDPR directive requires.

Another key underlying technology that has been built into the platform is unique enterprise search software, that provides ease of use and simplicity of learning for GDPR reporting and querying. It allows GDPR security officers and administrators to work with GOL using natural language terms in queries, thus enabling employees with only basic IT skills to easily perform their GDPR related privacy data monitoring and reporting duties.

Tehcnically GOL platform consists of GOL Server, centralized database GOLDB, and GOL WEB GUI, with optional customizable GOLLOADER.